Breakthrough: The Gender Stereotypes Project is a schools programme that kickstarts the gender stereotypes debate among children, their parents and their teachers.

Dr Laura Nelson, Director of Breakthrough
Why do boys play with trucks and why do girls play with dolls? What do girls and boys want to be when they grow up? Is this what they really want or is it shaped by expectations of society? What do children and parents think?

Soho Parish School in central London is asking these questions. It is running a two-week programme of lessons, from 18-29 June 2012, that will cover all aspects of gender stereotypes. The emphasis of the lessons will be on asking questions, not making assumptions. Why are there differences in the behaviour, aspirations and attributes of boys versus girls, why do they exist and what are the implications?

The project has the following aims:

• to encourage children to fulfill their potentials as individual human beings, and to not be restricted by gender labels

• to raise awareness of gender stereotypes among schoolchildren

• to stimulate discussion and debate

Best Gym equipment to start your home gym

Do you ever grow tired of every day’s gym crow? Hard to find place and time for working on your body’s look and strength? Then starting your home gym is the solution that will make all your dreams come true. However, every start is hard, especially in body-building. Just looking at your local gym equipment you’ll see tons of new, fancy machines that help you shape your body in the desired way. All of that is not a necessity that must find its place in your home gym, at least at the beginning. The one piece of equipment that you’ll find in every gym is weight bench.


Wide variety of weight benches can be found online –
From simple bench that will provide minimal assistance when practicing – weights support and weight handling mechanism, to adjustable workout bench that will help you target specific muscles in order to give the best possible results of look, condition, strength and speed.

Depending on how large your budget is you can look for suiting bench that will ensure your safety and workout efficiency. However, if you are looking for the best possible option for your workout – then you should choose the best adjustable bench that can withstand big weights, help you target specific muscles with incline, decline, military and flat position. Investing in such free weight workout equipment will benefit you greatly and the better product you choose, the longer it will last in your home.

The next thing on your shopping list that must find its place in your personal home gym is kettlebell. For adding speed and increasing your body’s cardio abilities choose kettlebell. If your are not in the mood for a run or simply don’t have time – doing some exercises with kettlebell will act as a replacement for run and add a little speed in your strength training. Many variations of kettlebell can easily be found online or in your local sport shop. Just pick the one that it suits you and proceed with building your body.

After that, your weight bench needs a proper bar. You can either choose standard 168 cm bar or look for some expensive and quality one – Olympic 220 cm bar that can withstand great weights without any deformations. Weight bar can be used for wide variety of exercises – bench press, squats and many warm-ups. Investing in your weights grants you possibility of fulfilling all your body building desires. Increasing the level and difficulty of every exercise with adding more weight.

If you are planning on increasing your arms and strength – dumbbells are piece of equipment that you must have. Dumbbells simply complete every weight section and fill the void of exercises that you must have. Buying adjustable dumbbells is an excellent investment that will help you sculpture and tone your arms, but also increase difficulty of ab and leg exercises.

Purchasing treadmill and home-bicycle in the beginning isn’t something that is a must. Although, it is a great option for increasing your speed, respiratory functions, and complete overall health. It may cost you a penny to buy them, but at starters stick with mentioned equipment as it will help you get in shape and preserve your body’s strength.

These are some of tips of starting your personal home gym and choosing best gym equipment for your home.